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Apr 17, 2013 10:15 AM

Need Advice! Business Dinner - Seafood - Great View

I'm going to be in town with a small group and would appreciate some advice on where to have a memorable meal in Boston.

We'll be staying at Logan. So we'll be taking a taxi or water taxi to dinner. So anywhere in the vicinity is an option. But a great view is a must.

Not particularly price sensitive, $40 mains are fine.

Seafood focused. But the group is not particularly "foodie", so I'd prefer to menu to be realtively staight forward. Simple ingredient driven preparations, so minimal foams, purees, etc..

Other Considerations
The restaurant needs to accept reservations in advance. Since it's a business dinner, we'll need to seating to not be on top of our neighbors. We won't need a private room, but small, crowded dining rooms are out.

So far all I have on my radar is Legal Seafood, Harborside, 2nd floor.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There are better Seafood focused restaurants in the city, a place like Island Creek Oyster Bar comes to mind. For what you are seeking though Legal Harborside is probably the best bet.

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    1. Legal Harborside does seem to be the best fit, although I think Floor 2 is overpriced... but hey, you are on expense account..

      If you had an adventurous crew, head into Eastie and hit up Rincon Limeno for some ceviche..

      Maybe the Sea Grille at the Boston Harbor Hotel? Or Mare Oyster Bar in the North End?

      1. I'd also look at Sam's in Louis on the waterfront. Can't beat the views.

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          I agree w/Sam's. I worked several business dinners there and it worked out great. Great views.

        2. Your radar is correct, if a view, straight forward preps, and seafood are needed (and value is less of an issue) Legal 2nd floor is going to be your best bet imo.

          1. Thanks everyone! I decided to go with Legal. I looked at Sam's and I love the starters, but the mains aren't seafood focused enough.