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Apr 17, 2013 10:01 AM

Southern Indian: KC?

Craving southern Indian food in KC. Where are best uttapam, idli, dosa, gobi manchurian?

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  1. We went to Ruchi last night and were dismayed. The lunch buffet remained filled with lunch buffet food and shrouded by a screen. We ordered gobi manchurian w sauce, mysore dosa combo (came with 2 idli), and onion rava dosa.

    Our gobi had a much thicker and grainier coating than I'm used to, and the sauce was gloppy and cornstarchy. I'm used to gobi manchurian that is both the best bar snack ever and one that transports me to the suburban NJ chinese restaurants of my youth, in a magical Proustian way. This one transported me to a sad chinese buffet. We could barely make a dent in it despite being very hungry.

    Our Onion Rava Dosa was lacy and crisp. It was the least dreadful. We were advised to try it with the "coconut chutney" that were served with the papadums. This chutney had no discernable coconut flavor to it, despite having the appropriate texture and speckle from mustard seeds. The only flavor that I could sense was peanut.

    Our Mysore Masala Dosa was limp with grease. The filling was greasy and sad, we did not eat it. The idli were ok; I prefer them lighter.

    Please tell me there is something better in KC!

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      I have been to Ruchi for lunch and enjoyed it. Sorry to hear about your experience. Sounds terrible.

      I'm an Indian food noob, but I liked Korma Sutra. Hopefully if you try that, it will be much better.

    2. Try Taj NYC transplants, we love it. 75th and wornall.