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Apr 17, 2013 08:29 AM

Balancing Act - Day & Night Feedings

From past experience it's a full time job trying to eat rich meals for both lunch and dinner in Paris - even with hours of walking in between. My strategy is to have great lunch meals then lighter dinner fare (this also helps reduce costs). Can I get some suggestions on which places you recommend for high quality food snacks at night? Our lunches will include Nomico, Metropolitan, Spring, JCD. Where do we go for great flavors but in small portions (and without breaking the bank again since we will be full already from lunch). Similarly are any of these bistros better for dinner or service is the same for lunch?

My current thoughts are to try the wine bars linked to larger bistros. Doesn't Septime, Spring and Vivant have wine bars that serve similar/same quality food but you are not expected to eat full multi-course meals?

Crepes could be another option as well.

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  1. High quality food snacks? - Les Petits Plats, Septime Cave, Avant-Comptoir, L'Ilot, Frenchie wine bar, Pinxo and take a look at today's Figaroscope Dossier
    Spring doesn't have a wine bar anymore - the Boutique closed and Vivant's is a fairly "full-service" joint.
    I eat as you intend to but often either cook light or take home stuff that's light.
    Also crepes, a single soufflé or Fines Gueules stuff sound sane.

    1. Septime Cave is tiny and the food offering is very small. In no way can you expect to have similar quality food. It is only drinks and a few nibbles. There is very little seating space, too.

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        Ditto Avant-Comptoir, but it's food.
        I'm surprised you and I forgot Dans Les Landes.

        1. re: John Talbott

          I didn't forget anything, you're the one who gave a list :)
          (Dans les Landes indeed.)

          L'Avant-Comptoir has no sitting space at all, but there's some food there, and a lot of it if you order four or five plates.

      2. One of the great advantages to staying in an apartment over a hotel is the ability to bring home goodies and put together a lovely light repast, or to actually cook a meal light or not! Some of our best meals on our recent trip to Paris and Lyon were made by us in our apartment, and one truly memorable supper was takeout from Gerard Mulot. ;)