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Apr 17, 2013 06:21 AM

Smoked Fish producer?

Does anyone know of a producer of smoked fish I can buy from in upstate NY, ideally in the Rochester / Syracuse / Finger Lakes area?

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  1. There's a place in Hancock New York off of Route 17 called Delaware Delicacies. Never been there, but apparently the guy smokes eel from the river, trout and some other stuff.

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    1. re: sbp

      Yes, that smoker who does the eel is supposed to be very good. Haven't tried it myself, but have read articles in the top food magazines and the NY Times a few years ago. I have canoed past the eel weir several times.

      1. re: JMF

        If you're traveling on Route 17, it's well worth the detour. He's rather eccentric, but the smoked fish is outstanding.

        1. re: FKM123

          Ray Turner at Delaware Delicacies is a very friendly and funny guy, and he makes the best hot-smoked salmon I've ever had. His trout and cheeses are damn good too. Just beware that the dirt road to his house seems to just keep going the first time you get there -- but just stick with it, and the road ends right at Delaware Delicacies. It's in a beautiful spot right on the East Branch of the Delaware. And Ray takes credit cards.

          1. re: chesapeake72000

            NOVA on PBS did a profile on eels as a species anyway I believe Ray Turner participated in the discussion.

      1. Hot smoked or cold smoked?