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Apr 17, 2013 05:43 AM

Mother's Day near village for14pp?

We are looking for a restaurant that could take 14 of us on mothers day Sunday. A private room wd be great. And we wd like to be near the village or downtown. Thanks!

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    1. L'apicio is large and airy. Good for groups.

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        Thanks. Would love a private room without a set menu as need to accommodate eating tastes of 11yr old thru grandparents! Not so easy. dbgb set menu too limited, emailed events person at L'apicio as they wont sit 15 in main restaurant. Keep suggestions coming!
        Can get Crispo-would be a long table in main restaurant, not ideal but...

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          No prix fixe for a crowd of 14 on Mother's Day - if you can find that someplace other than an atypical place for that day (e.g., a Cantonese banquet restaurant), let us know. It sounds like a very tall order. Is even Crispo having its normal menu on Mother's Day?

      2. Did Mothers Day brunch at Five Points one year (about 12 ppl) and it was fantastic.

        1. Call Blue Ribbon Bakery, they might be able to do 14. I can't remember if their max is 12 or 14.

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            Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions. I think we got Gusto!