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Apr 16, 2013 09:12 PM

Waterfront Restaurant in Montecito or Santa Barbara for Rehearsal Dinner

I am having my rehearsal dinner in October and wanted to have it at a waterfront restaurant in Montecito or Santa Barbara. There will be about 22 of us. Thanks!

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  1. Two main waterfront commercial areas here. One is Stearns Wharf which actually goes out over the water and the other is the Harbor which is where the sail and power boats dock.

    There are a number of restaurants on Stearns Wharf itself -the best being the Harbor restaurant which could accommodate you. They really have the best view and dining combo - not the totally best in town but good enough and the setting at sunset can be pretty spectacular.

    The tourist offerings others along Cabrillo Blvd are not the greatest for food and really don't have water views. Stella Mares which is on the Bird Refuge open water (but not the ocean) is a lovely homely French Country place with private dining rooms.

    The newly opened El Encanto Hotel might be able to accommodate you but at very high prices, spectacular city and water front views are the city's best.

    The other water front restaurants are at the Harbor - Brophy Bros, Chuck's Waterside being the larger ones but not sure if they have special rooms with water views.

    A really special place is the Coral Casino Upper Deck restaurant for waterfront views which is a private club, but sometimes they allow outside groups use their facilities. Give them a call as they do need to keep customers coming into this restaurant to make it go.

    The BoatHouse at Hendrys Beach is right on the water but they don't have separate waterfront rooms, if you need privacy.

    City Parks and Rec operates a number of small venue pavilions along the beach which can be rented but then you would have to cater the meal, which can be easily done in this town. Check out their website: Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department

    The Chase Palm Park Center is right on the beach side: If you could get the new little casual Harbor restaurant "On the Alley" to do your catering here, you could have a very fun and unique event.