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Oh my - 20 lbs of...chicken FAT?

DH is helping at a charity dinner tonight. Just called to tell me he is bringing home, just for me, 20 beautiful pounds of chicken fat! What in the Sam Hill can I do with it?

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  1. Make the mother lode of schmaltz! Do a search for rendering chicken fat. It can be frozen.

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      it freezes extremely well, just portion it out.

      it makes amazing scrambled eggs too.

    2. 20 pounds of already-rendered fat, or just 20 pounds of fat? If the latter, it's not as much as you think.

      I confit chicken in chicken fat. Works very nicely for savory pastry, and is a component for cooking/flavoring rice when making Hainan chicken rice.

      1. Render it, that stuff is cooking gold!

        1. Michael Ruhlman has a new ebook on schmaltz, available on itunes.

          1. If it's already rendered, although it freezes well, it does get rancid over time. I would keep as much as I could use in a year, and gift the rest. Put it into pint-sized or smaller, freezable containers.

            If you are rendering it yourself, you'll have the benefit of the cracklings (gribenes), which are delicious as a garnish for soups and salads, and can be used in mofongo (a dish made from plaintains). It's nice to put some onion into the rendering skin to add more flavor to the schmaltz.

            1. Wonderful responses everyone! I love fat like others love sugar. The word schmaltz did cross my mind. It's unrendered. I'm assuming all I need to do it melt it over med low heat. Do I need to strain it? Guess the needed info is online. I do horde the fat from stock making to fry eggs or enrich a thin soup. DH is all proud...like he'd clubbed a buffalo and dragged it back to our cave! ;-)

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                You might want to split it in half, and do some with onion, some just plain. Once rendered, it will make the most amazing biscuits or pie crust for a chicken pot pie...

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                    Loved the article! Thanks so much.

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                    Make sure you add some onions when you are rendering it. Mmmmm. heaven.

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                      I'm going to do half with onions. I wouldn't have thought of that on my own. I'll report back when I've done my first batch of schmaltz.