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Apr 16, 2013 07:50 PM

kitchen appliances

not sure iif this the right board, but if not, please redirect me. we are building a new house and trying to decide on new applliances. Please weigh in on the following: Subzero, Wolf, Thermidor Viking. Please share your experiences with each- especially what you like/hate most about each and why, Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Tried the gardenweb appliances forum? it specializes in discussions of these subjects.

    1. There has been seemingly endless commentary here on CH and much more on Garden Web about this. Suggest you start by looking over the discussions that have already been posted -- still another thread won't add anything new. The main takeaway is that there is no takeaway. Every brand has it's supporters and it's detractors; there is no way to conclude A is good and B is bad. Your head will spin. Go with what fits your likes and your budget. Life is too short to obsess over this stuff.

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        I'm with you. For my part, I check around to try to find out which brands are more reliable and have better customer support. Beyond that, one's own preferences may be more important than what others say. Seeing a refrigerator in front of you and imagining how you might allocate space could be helpful. And for stoves, if you have the opportunity to cook on a given model before buying, you might learn a lot more about whether it is right for you than by reading any specs or reading people's posts. Cooking is such an individual thing!

      2. As someone recently in the market after the death of an older Sub-Zero, there's much to like about them, but at an entry point of about $10K installed it's a serious expenditure. The downside is that if you're looking for built-in even "second-best" is going to run you $7,000-$8,000, so by then the Sub-Zero isn't a huge upgrade. As for cooktops/ovens, look to your needs first before committing to any particular brand/brands.

        1. If you haven't already, purchase a Consumer Reports online subscription for $7 month. Even if you don't agree with the reviews, the info they provide is invaluable.