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Apr 16, 2013 07:20 PM

Resurrecting a 2nd seating 'O Mei Giant Lobster 5 ways' Chowmeet - Any more chowhounders interested?


First seating of the 'O Mei Giant Lobster 5 ways' chowmeet held early on this year was a huge success.

A 2nd seating was subsequently planned for 'missed out' chowhounders, Unfortunately, half way through organizing, I was forced to cancel the gathering due to personal emergency. Now that I am back from overseas, I was planning to resurrect the half-abandoned chowmeet. So far, responses had been luke-warm and the 'attendees' critical mass' needed for lobsters, huge enough for a 5 ways preparation, to be ordered has not been reached.

Based on request from a number of enthusiastic, already, signed up members, who really love to try out the feast, I am therefore posting this call in the hope of soliciting a few more attendees, so that the meet can go ahead for these awaiting hounds. ( Magic, Deanna, PeppermintPate, Embee, name a few ).

Once again, it is anticipated the all inclusive cost ( food + tax + service ) to be $60 per person ( see above reference posting for menu detail and photos ). Proposed time and date will be 7.00 pm either Tuesday or Thursday, to avoid weekend rushes and exec-chef day off!

Please contact me at if interested.

( Moderator, as before, please kindly leave posting at top of page! Thank You! )

    1. We were lucky to be able to go to the first one, trust me people, you want in on this!