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The many shapes of cheese

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Is there a particular rule and/or reason for how cheese is shaped? As I am buying and learning about cheese I see squares, bells, tomme shape, wheels, rounds, logs and all sorts of different wraps.

I'm sure this is a loaded question, but I would like to further understand how the actual shape of a particular cheese is decided. TIA.


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      1. I enjoyed reading the 2 links

        1. http://www.culturesforhealth.com/chee...

          nice source for shaping molds. I use the ricotta basket quite often.

          1. It is not a true domestic cheddar unless it is in the shape of Wisconsin. Or a cow.

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            1. On a family trip to Poland a few years ago, we visited the mountain village of Zakopane where we found many cheese vendors selling these beautiful specimens. Smoked and in many different shapes, they made me suspend my better judgement when it comes to "weird" cheese and give it a try. Let's just say it looked WAY better than it tasted, although I'm sure the many CheeseHounds here would have deemed it amazing. Here's a sample photo.

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                The shaping is so interesting (sorry to learn the cheese wasn't) but thank you for sharing the photo!