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Apr 16, 2013 05:57 PM

Pont L' Eveque

This is TJs' "Spotlight Cheese" for April. I have a piece sitting on my breezeway (35-40F) as it is too odiferous to put in my refrigerator. I am trying to broaden my cheese experience but a quick Google didn't provide much info. Is anyone familar with this cheese? If so, please share and offer accompaniment suggestions.

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  1. First off, you started with a very strong Cheese.
    Red wines (Bordeaux, Cahors, Pinot Noir) or a very dry Riesling, Lambic beers and Strong malty Ales, Calvados, dry Cider are all good beverage matches for the Cheese.
    Food wise. A good Baguette, Pear, Apple or Dried Fruits.
    It also cooks well with Potatoes and Onions.


      I have never tried Pont L' Eveque but there was plenty on the Net about this French cheese. The recommendation treats this like a dessert cheese and mentioned that it also goes by the name Moyaux.

      How did you like it?

      1. I picked it up and set it down. It's a washed rind, which I believe is cheese-code for "it's a stinker." My TJs actually wrote that it was mild on the sign, which I found hard to believe. What did you think? Does it taste better than it smells?

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          As with most washed rind Cheeses, yes the pate of the Cheese is rather mild compared to the rind which is what "stinks".

        2. I'm not a big fan of P.L'E, but I was amused by what Steven Jenkins' wrote about it in his Cheese Primer. He says that in America you have a distinct danger of getting overripe P.L'E, because it is less familiar than its cousin Camembert, and so is likely to sit around longer at the dealer (but he says it funnier!).

          1. There is a very colorful review of this chese on the current TJ thread