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Apr 16, 2013 04:38 PM

Quick/Easy Lunch near the Colosseum - Rome ??

Hi All,
My husband and I would like to have a quick & easy lunch near either the Colosseum. We have a tight schedule that day and we're also having dinner at a very nice place that night so we'd like to keep it easy for lunch (and fairly quick).

Can someone recommend somewhere we could go?

It would have to be open on a **SUNDAY** and also open by 10:30 AM :)

Thanks so much!

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  1. Try Enoteca Cavour 313, a wine bar with good food, located at Via Cavour 313.

    1. Cavour 313 is open only evenings on sundays (even on other days, it opens at 12:30). Stacey, even the sandwich place i was going to recommend (gaudeo) doesn't open before 11! Trying hard not to ask why you want to have lunch at 10:30 and how you will be able to wait till dinner - and not succeeding! :)

      1. Lunch isnt served as early as 10:30 but you might find a bar and have some pastry or tramezzini to hold you over til later. I know it hasnt gotten much love here lately, but Urbana 47 in Monti is not far off and would be good for a quick light Sunday lunch.

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          Urbana 47 also opens 12:30 and on weekends has only a mandatory "brunch" with 4 courses - nothing quick or light.

          1. re: vinoroma

            husband had that brunch service and it was a light meal - At least last fall, I was able to order something else from the limited menu. Suggested because I felt this was a nontraditional place where service could have been obtained quickly if desired, also it is a light meal by roman standards which would not interfere with dinner plans.

            1. re: vinoroma

              I ate at Urbanna 47 shortly after they opened for the day last Sunday. It was certainly an enjoyable meal, and it needed to be relatively quick (which was not a problem when Imentioned it to the staff), as I had to meet a guide for a Coliseum tour at 1:30.
              I had the 4 course 20 Euro set menu. Pictures are attached.
              I also had a bottle of water for 3.50, and a glass of wine for 6.

          2. As mentioned, 10:30 is much too early for lunch in Rome (or for that matter, most places worldwide). But you can have the Italian-style breakfast of your dreams at Cristalli di Zucchero, Via di San Teodoro, 88. They simply have the best cornetti anywhere, and the coffee is excellent too. (I actually usually go to their main, slightly larger branch in Via di Valtellina 114, but that's too far for you.)

            It's a bit too bad that you didn't schedule time for lunch; it's the main meal of the day in Rome (dinner is typically lighter and less formal, perhaps a pizza and some antipasti) but presumably you have booked museum tours or other things that preclude reconfiguring your schedule.

            1. At that hour you can have a sandwich in a bar, though many of the local bars will be closed and none is particularly interesting. There are some decent bars on Via Celimontana. Café Café (or something; Caffè Caffè maybe) at the beginning of Via SS. Quattro may be open. This is my neighborhood and we never go anywhere except Nerone (closed Sunday) and pizzeria Li Rioni, which wouldn't be open that early. Taverna dei Quaranta is handy in a pinch, but unlikely to be open so early. Caffè Propaganda opens at 12. Everything else is really low-grade tourist level. Where are you going after the Colosseum? It may be a better idea to go to your next stop and eat there.