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Apr 16, 2013 04:35 PM

Pleasant lunch place near 333 Market Street? [San Francisco]

Can anyone suggest a restaurant within a few blocks of 333 Market Street to have a delicious business lunch? Not so pricey like One Market Plaza but not cheap either? I like Annabelles but its a little bit of a walk.



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  1. My first thought was Barbacco, but it might be too loud for a business lunch. Town Hall or Sens, maybe? I'd say Per Diem would be perfect, but I had mixed results from the food. Any updates?

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      I've never found Barbacco loud enough that I had to raise my voice.

    2. The Tropical Chicken Salad at Chez Fayala is my favorite! A must try.

      The Slanted Door is also a great place at the end of Market Street in the Ferry Building.


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      1. re: livemyjourney

        I like Chez Fayala and go there once or twice a week, but it is a sandwich shop with an excellent hot & cold salad bar. It is hardly the place for a business lunch!

      2. You could try the brasserie that is on the ground floor of the Madarin Oriental Hotel. The entrance is on Sansome between Pine & California. I have not been there myself. I do not know how the prices compare to One Market.