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Apr 16, 2013 03:11 PM

Does anyone cook on a LaCanche Cluny? Do you have the duel fuel or one fuel?

I have never, except when staying somewhere else, cooked with an electric oven. I am gas partial but wondering if a duel fuel might work for me. I am looking at the Cluny by LaCanche and several others but need more info about this particular range. Care to share? Thank you.

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  1. Hi, all I know is it looks great and I want one!

    There is a long running series of threads in the gardenweb appliances forum for all things lacanche... Loads of Cluny chat in there. It goes back years and someone has thoughtfully archived the older threads in a blog somewhere.

    I am thinking of getting a lacanche macon. With a gas oven and an electric one. Best of both worlds.

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      I have looked through those threads and a lot of talk is about color choices and shared photos of install - which are great but I want to know how they perform and what about service in nyc and what people like or have had issues with etc.

      1. re: needfoodadvice

        Have you asked those specific questions there?

        1. re: ellabee

          yes. and there are a few responses but not as much from the last year...mostly a few years ago when they were just purchased. I am looking for people's experiences and opinions now that they have been cooking on a Cluny or Cluny 1400. I am intrigued about the use of the French Top and the la plancha.
          There are many posts about the colors etc. I would like real cooking experiences on their cookers.

          there are many threads but I find them confusing because GW does not organize by dates as in most recent to latest. wish they did.