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Apr 16, 2013 02:38 PM

Need quick advice on how to prepare Keilbasa

We bought "fresh" keilbasa from Eagle Provisions (in case you're from Brooklyn, it's a Polish deli) and are about to prepare it. It's dark and seems smoked. I called them and asked if it's smoked or not, which they didn't answer, but said you have to boil it for an hour. That seems like overkill. I'm not sure if the guy was messing with me or not. Does anyone know how to prepare fresh keilbasa? It doesn't have the texture of typical raw sausage, for what it's worth. Thanks!

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  1. If you have a grill, I'd go that route.

    1. For it to be tender it needs to be simmered...not boiled...for 45-60 minutes. I usually do around 45 then a quick run und the broiler

      1. If it's fresh, it's not smoked; if it's smoked, it will definitely smell smoked. If truly fresh, it should be simmered/poached until done, and then you brown it in a pan (either whole - turn sides - or sliced).

        Fresh kielbasa is especially traditional at Christmas and Easter. I much prefer it to smoked kielbasa.

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          Thanks, guys! Funny story, I did a search and asked almost the exact same question in 2007! Will I ever learn?