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Best of Leslieville - please help critique

Hello Toronto (and area) hounds - I'd like your assistance in helping make this list true to its' title. Please take a look and let me know if anything is missing or should be removed. I did a lot of research to come up with the list so any help is appreciated.



Here is the list:

Ed’s Real Scoop (Ice Cream)
Sweet Bliss Baking Company
Athens Pastries
Patisserie La Cigogne
Bobette and Belle
St. John’s Bakery
Babycake Cupcakes

** Lady Marmalade
Lazy Daisy’s (Sunday Brunch)

Chino Locos (Burritos)
Rashers (Sandwiches)
Dangerous Dan’s Diner (Burgers)

Queen Margherita (Pizza)
Danforth Pizza House (Pizza)
Pizza Pide (Pizza, Turkish)

Ascari Enoteca (Italian)
Casa Di Giorgios (Italian)
Gio Rana’s Really Really Nice Restaurant (Italian,Tapas/Small Plates, Hot-dogs)

Swirl (Canadian)
Leslie Jones (Canadian)
Skin+Bones Wine Bar (Restaurant/Wine Bar)
Ruby Watchco (Canadian)

Table 17 (French/European)

Sushi Marche (Sushi)

Bach Yen (Thai/Vietnamese)
Udupi Palace (Indian)
Rose Café (Vietnamese)

Mezes (Greek)
Pantheon (Greek)

Meating on a Queen (Butcher)
Hooked (Seafood Market)
The Meat Department (Butcher)
Bill’s Lobster Fish Market (Seafood)

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  1. Bonjour Brioche for brunch.

    1. Great idea! Do you intend to visit all of these places?

          1. Paulette's chicken. Trust me. Try it again.

            And I didn't think anyone would go to Dangerous Dan's on purpose...

            1. If you're going to include Udupi Palace under the heading of Leslieville, then I'd say you could easily replace it with Moti Mahal for better, cheaper food, and just as close.

              Edit: Also Makkah for tandoori.

              1. Some of these, in particular the places on Danforth are a real stretch to be considered Leslieville.

                1. Chick n Joy for fried chicken.

                  1. desmond & beatrice for cupcakes
                    lil' baci for solid not spectacular italian
                    leslieville cheese for their grilled cheese
                    ceili cottage for gastropub

                    mercury and te aro for caffeine

                      1. Thank you everyone for all the responses! I just love the Toronto board - so many helpful hounds!

                        Bytepusher - you're right, I should have named the thread Leslieville and surroundings - maybe the CH admin can change it for me.

                        afong - I have been to L'il Baci in Leslieville and prefer the Yonge Street location. Thanks for the other recs.

                        The reason I have named the thread "best of" is because we are driving from don mills/steeles area to get there so I don't want to drive all tht way for mediocre. We like this area because it is relatively convenient by highways. Maybe one day I will live in a more foodie-worthy neighborhood!!

                        MissBingBong - I do hope to visit many of the places and will report on my new blog once it is up and running.

                        justxpete - Should I remove Dangerous Dan's?

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                        1. re: TeacherFoodie

                          When hungover I've been known to have a B.O.B or a poutin from Dangerous Dan's but I will say, I must be hungover. And I do live about a 90 second walk door-to-door.

                          1. re: JennaBean

                            I will remove Dangerous Dan's - thank you!

                          2. re: TeacherFoodie

                            +1 for removing dangerous dan's. . .

                            i'll have to be hammered to go back there. . .the burgers have the life cooked out of them, and you can hardly taste the meat any longer. . .they can be huge and filling, but so is a big loaf of white bread. . .not to mention, the interior is. . .rustic. . .

                            dan himself is pretty affable, and as an old timer that grew up in the nabe before even bonjour brioche set down, we a good chat about the area. . .

                            1. re: afong56

                              I've never eaten a burger there and I don't think I would - even if I were hammered!

                              The BOB - breakfast on a bun, egg, cheese, tomato, lettuce mayo (hold the bacon for me) works when I'm feeling a little ill from the night before.

                              James, the owner, is highly entertaining in his cranky, it is my place I say whatever I want kinda way.

                          3. Some comments....
                            Ascari has nice home made pasta but it's a very LOUD place.
                            Bonjour Brioche for brunch is 1,000 times better than Lady Marmalade, and theirs is one of the best baquettes in town.
                            Sushi Marche is geared for take out - I don't like the crude way the fish is cut nor the bulky chunks of rice.
                            For sweet treats try Bonne Journee (Queen just west of Coxwell).

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                            1. re: KitchenVoodoo

                              Under "Specialty Shops" please add Kristapsons for smoked salmon to carry home.

                                1. re: KitchenVoodoo

                                  I ate at Ascari in May and did not find it to be loud at all. Perhaps it was because it was not a weekend night. Service was great and the food was wonderful. I look forward to returning.

                                2. If we are including Gerrard and even the Danforth:


                                  Rowe Farms for meat
                                  Coach House for shortbread (only open until mid-May)
                                  Brick St. Bakery for bread
                                  Sausage Partners for sausage (currently closed for renos)

                                  Near Leslieville

                                  Mimi and Hanoi 3 Seasons for Vietnamese
                                  The Dumpling House for decent Northern Chinese
                                  Astoria for the grilled meats
                                  Dukem for Ethiopian

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                                  1. re: Dr. John

                                    This thread should probably be re-named "Best eats of East of the DVP"

                                    1. re: Dr. John

                                      Sausage Partners is closed. Oliffe is opening a butcher shop and a wholesale distro centre for east end restaurants in the space.

                                      1. re: childofthestorm

                                        Oh OK, I didn't realize. Their website said closed for renos.

                                    2. I would stay away from Hooked and Bills. To see why, please do a search but not on CH.

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                                      1. re: Wandering Foodie

                                        Care to expand on that? What are your search key words?

                                        1. re: grandgourmand

                                          Don't know about Bill's but Hooked had a voluntary recall on one lot of some of their smoked fish. Seems pretty minor to me.

                                          1. re: bytepusher

                                            Re: Hooked

                                            A Class I is not minor.

                                            In any case, if you choose to visit, use your eyes, nose, and common sense.

                                      2. TeacherFoodie, thanks so much for posting this very helpful thread. I love Leslieville and this thread is an invaluable resource for dining and food shopping in the area.

                                        I'd also be very interested to hear if anyone has recommendations for kitchen shops in the area? I'm wondering if there's anything similar to The Good Egg (Kensington Mkt) for example?

                                        ETA: Forgot to mention we ate at QMP on Saturday and really enjoyed our pizzas and antipasti. The arancini was especially good w a spicy tomato sauce. My only real quibble is that you can't just order antipasti here. I know, I know it's a pizza spot but it would be nice to make a meal out of a few antipasti every now and then too.