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Best Candy to Send?

Hi, so I'm doing a candy exchange with a person from the UK as well as a person from Norway. I'm from the US. What brands/kinds of candies do you think these people would enjoy/wouldn't be able to get in their respective countries? Thanks!

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  1. It depends on where the person in the UK lives.
    I'm in London and can get quite a lot of US sweets (candy).
    I know it's not candy but I've always been intrigued as to what bear claws are as they are mentioned quite often in US tv shows.

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      They're a pastry and they're fabulous! I don't think they would hold up well to shopping oversees, however.

      The one TV reference I can think of off the top of my head is when House demands Taub being everyone bear claws. At the end of the episode, he does.

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        Well, I'm sending the package to Portsmouth, if that means anything?

      2. Cracker Jack
        how about movie theater candy in the "big box" so much of what we associate with USA candy is made in Mexico now.
        I know when my son had an exchange with two Russian students they wanted to experience Pop Tarts.

        1. You're going to get the better deal, any way you slice it.

            1. Hmmm... Some thoughts:

              A Scharfenberger or Ghiradelli chocolate bar
              Vermont Maple Sugar candy
              Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
              Pop Rocks
              Salt Water taffy

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                +1 on the Vermont maple sugar candy! Or maple cream!

              2. Necco wafers or cream drops
                fruit slices (especially grapefruit)
                wintergreen mints-haviland if they are still out there
                canadian mints
                bulls eyes

                1. You might consider a regional product like Sanders. Check out Sanders Candy.

                  I grew up in Detroit and their toppings, particularly the bittersweet, are super.

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                    YES! I grew up in Michigan and we would sell Morley/Sanders product for school fundraisers. The peanut butter block was my most favorite thing EVER.


                  2. I would send something representative of the USA. Go to the website of Fralinger's, on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City and take a look---many flavors of salt water taffy, many gift assortments in nice packaging. Another American note, black walnuts are native here and unknown in Europe so you might go to Hammon's Nut Emporium (online) and check out gift assortments of chocolate covered black walnuts, black walnut taffy, black walnut brittle etc. Quality of both is excellent. Also either will ship direct for you, saving you the trouble.

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                      +1 on the Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy. Assorted flavors.

                      1. A colleague recently over from the UK mentioned that he was stocking up on cinnamon flavored things (gum, tic tacs, etc) apparently cinnamon flavored candies are not really sold there.
                        Other suggestions: Jelly Bellies, Marshmallows, Jolly Ranchers, Blow Pops

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                          A few years ago (I can't believe it's been 12 years already) a German friend of mine was visiting us and he bought a bunch of Big Red and Dentyne chewing gum to take back home to his wife. I don't know if things have changed.

                          I agree with sending regional candies but I would avoid sending chocolate. Most European chocolate is much better than mainstream chocolate made in the U.S.

                        2. my friends from the UK were crazy for the Powerberries sold at Trader Joe's (and also available elsewhere under the Brookside label). A few thought they were actual dried fruit but they're actually chocolate covered fruit chews.

                          They look like this:

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                            We have gotten dark chocolate covered fruit similar to this at Costco and really like it too.

                          2. you might want to try one of those old-fashioned peny candy places on line to get some stuff that is really hard to find.like Mary Jane, clark bars, candy necklaces, etc

                            Vosges chocolate make a Bacon chocolate(!!!)

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                              Here's a link to Old Time Candy and their "Made in the USA" category. Lots of good ideas!


                            2. I agree that Salt Water Taffy is the quintessential East Coast selection...also, try Bonomo Turkish Taffy...fond memories from my childhood.

                              1. Hubby's cousins from London always stock up on See's candies and Ghirardelli chocolate. I always have them bring me the European Cadbury chocolate. It's a good trade for both of us.

                                  1. I would send anything other than chocolate of any kind.

                                    I've sent chocolate from state to state (overnight priority) here in the US and had it ruined because of temperature changes in different zones where it travels.
                                    If I've sent it outside the country it's even more risky.

                                    1. 2 upper midwest favorites, ok maybe it's just me: Cow Pies (chocolate covered caramel and pecans)
                                      Nut Goodies (chocolate covered maple cream with peanuts

                                      Or, the crazy stuff: wax lips, Pop Rocks, Atomic Fireball.