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Apr 16, 2013 01:19 PM

Dumpling or Sushi Party Platter, near Hollywood or Pasadena?

Any suggestions of where to buy an affordable dumpling or sushi tray, near Pasadena or Hollywood? One caveat, the dumplings need to be green onion- free.

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  1. sushi =

    murakami sushi in hollywood

    1. I'd recommend Fish King in Glendale for a sushi platter. Their prices should be relativily fair judging by when we go in there for sushi to go and the fish has always been fresh in my experience.

      1. In you don't mind going to Sherman Oaks, Farm Boy on Riverside and Hazeltine offers an excellent value for sushi platters.

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          +1 for this rec if you're willing to drive. and if you're willing to drive, sushi don sasabune on laurel canyon in valley village also does party platters.

        2. Thank you for all of the great suggestions! Sushi Don will be right on my route from Pasadena to Hollywood and I see that they are offering four party platters for $100.

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          1. re: sparklegem

            they also have the best sweetened ice green tea I have ever had.

            1. re: ns1

              i agree completely with the note on the sweetened iced green tea.


              I always want a refill, or rather two, but each one is going to cost you.

              Sometimes I will just stop by for one of these drinks if I'm in the area. There's real green tea flavor in there coupled with the sugar. If it only had half as much sugar in it, it would be a perfect drink.

              1. re: kevin

                I have never paid for an iced green tea refill while dining in. Once consumed 4 during a single sitting. Try tipping? lol

            2. re: sparklegem

              Grab a slab of tiramisu from the Russian deli next door while you are at it too.

              1. re: kevin

                dude, this guy. Recommending a TIRAMISU from the RUSSIAN DELI next door. Made my Fiance look like an ass as she asked for the tiramisu.

                Is this "honey cherry" cake what you thought was a tiramisu? It's pictured right before my free iced green tea refill. Try tipping lol; the tea is bigger than I remembered, and a little sweeter than I remembered, but still the best I've had.

                sadly, the donburi bowl was not as big or as good as I remembered it :(