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Apr 16, 2013 09:30 AM

pickling problems

so i was making pickled red onions and i noticed they got a lil soft.. didnt have much bite after sitting in the brine.

The onions were fresh but i wonder if the boiling vingear cooked them too much,

Should i let it cool before incorporating the brine? or should i add some calcium chloride to help keep them fresh?

thanks alot!

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  1. Yes, possibly a problem with boiling the vinegar. I've always let vinegar go cold (and, indeed, stand for several days in the pickling spices) before using - but, never having put hot vinegar on the onions, I couldnt be certain if that's the cause of your problem.

    1. i found it weird to put it boiling.. but every recipe i read suggested this!

      1. I like this recipe:

        but I make sure I slice my onions pole-to-pole; they seem to hold their shape/texture better. Awesome with fish tacos.

        Also I only make one jar at a time; if you made a huge batch the larger amount of hot liquid might cook them more.