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Apr 16, 2013 09:01 AM

Fiddlehead sightings?

Has anyone seen Fiddleheads in lower Westchester? Last year, Super Stop N Shop at the Cross County had them, but no such luck this year.

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  1. Mount Kisco Farms had a sign on the door this weekend that they have some. Call and double check though!

    1. I actually saw some yesterday at Grand Central Market. However, they looked a tiny bit past their prime and were about $7.50 for a small container (plastic wrap over styrofoam), therefore I did not buy them.

      1. According to the email I got they should be at the Pleasantville Farmers Market this Saturday. Newgate Farms is bringing them in.

        1. Just saw this in LoHud. Doesn't exactly say where except a couple of farmer's markets. (None near me, but could be near you).

          Will step up the search at least.

          1. Up here near Albany I picked some up at a supermarket at 4.99 a lb. They do grow wild around here. One of my coworkers knows a spot.