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Apr 16, 2013 08:42 AM

Coastal Road Trip from LA to SF... Food Ideas help!

Hi, I am planning a road trip from LA to Sonoma/Napa in June. Some of our stops will include Paso Robles-wine tasting, Pfeiffer State Beach-camping, Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Francisco/Oakland-2 nights, Sonoma-wine tasting. Do you have any restaurant/food stop destinations that you could recommend? I have only been to SF once so any suggestions in the Bay area would be nice. Some cheap eats would be nice, but a couple of splurges would be okay too. I live in LA and I would say I am an adventurous eater, we like anything from traveling down to San Gabriel Valley for good Szechuan/dim sum, to Korean to taco trucks Thai street food at Night+Market, to more upscale like Ink, Animal, and Osteria Mozza. We like food from all cultural directions. In particular- good cheap oyster/crab shacks are my ideal locales! So let me know if you can help, also any vineyard/tasting rooms suggestions would be much appreciated. We are just looking for maybe three wineries that are close in proximity that are "must-go's" We like wines in the influence of Bordeaux and Rhone. Locations with breathtaking sceneries but without pretense (not too expensive) Thanks!

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  1. For Paso, I'd recommend Thomas Hill Organics or Artisan.

    For the former, don't let the name fool you. This is not some health food restaurant. I've had a very good burger as well as a great pork belly sandwich here.

    I've been eating at Artisan off and on since they opened. The Chef, Chris Kobayashi, is a two time James Beard nominee for the West Coast last year.

    1. In Moss Landing, just south of Santa Cruz, well hidden from the Hwy1 traffic, Phil's Fish Market is a good place for sampling the local catch. Not fancy at all; probably not worth distorting your travel plans for; probably better for lunch than dinner... But I really enjoyed it and plan to return next time I'm passing through. Its surprisingly hard to find unpretentious places that serve fresh, locally caught seafood.

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        1. Cold Springs Tavern on Highway 154 -on Stage Coach Road off San Marcos Pass leaving Santa Barbara and then reconnecting to Highway 101 south of Lompoc/Beullton.