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Apr 16, 2013 07:51 AM

Just noticed Yuzu changed to Yuzunohana.

Is it a change of ownership? Anyone knows?

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  1. I guess it's just their lemon trees blossoming for the spring.

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    1. re: Crispier Crouton

      CC, very good but not an "A". Yuzu is not a lemon. It is a hybrid of sour mandarin and something that I have never heard of.
      The reason that I took an interest in finding out is that I just ordered two trees. They are grafted on Flying Dragon, a dwarfing variety of poncirus trifoliata, a near relative of citrus, also known as Japanese sour orange. Trifoliata and yuzu are said to be the two hardiest types of citrus. So go for it!, but not in Toronto. Niagara should be OK.

      I have also seen yuzu called citron. It's not, so all you religious types, forget it.

    2. Maybe they're officially getting all the signs changed only now, but the name change happened within the last year. Don't recall precisely when. There was a name conflict, so I was told.

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      1. re: jlunar

        Agreed with jlunar, can't remember if I read this somewhere here on Chowhound or somewhere else, but yeah I believe they had issues with the name and had to change.

        Don't think there was an ownership change

      2. I went and glad to find that it's the same as before.

        1. I went a few months back and it was Yuzunohana. No omakase available as I didn't reserve in advance. Just ordered sushi a la carte. Very disappointing sushi.

          1. Tried to go last night WITH a reservation. The place was packed and the staff was in complete disarray. They had over-booked the restaurant, and reservations were coming in by the truck load and had nowhere to sit.

            The owner (I think?), after the hostess had greeted us, asked if we had a reservation, and when we said yes, he was like "Oh, uhh...ok". A very odd exchange. After about 20 minutes of waiting around to be seated, and given the place was a madhouse, we left.

            Fortunately they had space at the bar over at Jacobs & Co., which absolutely delivered (and no, I don't know how we went from Sushi to steak!).