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Latest word on Giulia?

We are heading there on Saturday night . The reviews on here have been all over the place with some people thinking its one of the best new places in Boston to others thinking the portions were small for the price, that the place has an "odd" vibe and the bartending leaves something to be desired. Most of the reviews are from not to soon after they opened so was hoping for some current updates-have they worked out the kinks? Must try dishes? etc

I made this reservation back in early March and its one of those rare nights out we get as a couple. We are going with good friends and leaving the kids behind. So before we even walk in the door we will be out over $100 for the sitter, plus since we don't have a ton public transportation options we are most likely looking at parking and/or cab fees too.

No big deal (the money part) but not if we know we are walking into the potential of having less than a stellar meal. If the newest reports/general consensus is that they are still working out the kinks and/or having service issues we are happy to table our reservation and try again in a few more months. My husband and I are more forgiving as we grew up in the rest. business but the other couple can be, errr, less forgiving. There are plenty of other places we have wanted to try (or go back to) if needed.

The media and online buzz for the most part has been positive for what that is worth…


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  1. no one?? That does not seem promising!

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      What i have read, from posters who I felt simpatico with, has had me wanting to go ASAP. Food sounds especially lovely and i bet you'll really enjoy it.

    2. Hey folks, this thread was going off on a couple of different tangents that didn't have much to do with food, so we've removed them to try to refocus it. If you've been to Giulia and haven't posted about it yet, we hope you will!

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        Not sure what your question was... but it's Cambridge, there is no dress code (though lots of plaid is highly encouraged)

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          thanks, appreciate it. Back in my Square days (when Craigie was actually on Craigie St) people used to get really dressed up when dining there and Rialto . Guilia looked/sounded casual but of course we were looking for a chance to dress up and didn't want to look *too* out of place, LOL.

      2. how was it?we're headed there for early dinner tonight.

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          With everything still going on in Boston we cancelled and all came to our house with the kids. We were hoping to go this weekend but the pasta table isn't open for a while. Looks like it won't be until May.

        2. Had a fun and delicious evening here tonight.Alot of food over a leisurely 2 1/2 hours.Arrived rather late for our reservation but at
          6:30, the room was 1/3-1/2 full and GM Trevor was friendly and welcoming and very helpful in getting us a quieter table (a lovely front window banquette), away from the louder part of the room (but this is not a deafening place.)
          Our server continued the professional and caring tone and made excellent wine and food suggestions throughout our meal.
          We had:
          --Semolina cakes w/ spiced pork lardo: I want not the 2 tiny cakes that we received, but a
          whole TRAY of these, next time.(Can one buy lardo like this or does one have to spice cure it oneself? If you say the former, I am in biiiig trouble.)
          --Salad with orange, anchovies, bitter escarole and not bitter greens, shaved cheese, white beans: the most abundant of all our plates; very interesting and more unusual mix of flavors and textures; I kept discovering and newly experiencing it as I went along.

          --Papardelle w/ luscious black trumpet mushrooms, braised boar. Except for the pasta being more al dente than i like it, this was a perfect plate. A great rustic woodsy combination.
          --Ravs filled w/ Braised veal , sweetbreads and chard , w/ light marinara and chard and cheese: another perfect plate; loved the contribution of the chard both in and out; pasta soft and silky
          --Quail w/ umbrian lentils, pork sausage, parsnip puree and saba (made the dish; delightful)
          ( Note- I've never seen quail this small [a leg the size of a Barbie doll turkey leg; no kidding]) tender and luscious all the same, but I fear they plundered the nest for these munchkins.

          --Pistachio Gelato over marinated cherries, w/ anise pizelle
          : the pistachio gelato just wasn't the bet i've had but the other components were tops.
          --Olive Oil Citrus Cake )served warm; un-bitter olive oil flavor really came through, and also gave special moistness and texture to the cake
          --Chocolate Terrine w/ toasted coconut gelato and candied almonds
          All the desserts were excellent; the terrine was the most multi dimensional and the most stellar.
          Excellent list of reds by the glass.

          Ironic that I mentioned to My Love that I thought Giulia would seriously hurt the business at Chez Henri - only to see later that CH is closing. Anyway, the one thing I prob should mention is that this place IS expensive, but then again, all the above, incl 2 glasses of wine (and one dessert was a lagnappe) was , pre-tax and tip, $150. (But for those of you with more normal appetites, your bill will likely be a lot lower.) I'm sorry to hear the neighborhood is losing Chez Henri but now that Giulia is here, no need to pity those lucky campers. We will def be back; after all, I want a tray of those lardo semolina cakes, and a plate of pappardelle all to mySELF :-}

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            great write up! thank you, makes me look forward to our evening even more.

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              my pleasure, x2. Funny, one of the things that really impressed me was the GM. An enthusiastic engaged GM like Trevor, with the follow through of his quality staff ,can set a positive tone for the whole evening and help assure repeat customers (just as the attitudey GM and staff at Chez Henri can eventually contribute to its downfall.) I hope he's there when you go, and that you feel well cared for.

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                Trevor and I have spoken a few times and I agree. When I first made my reservation he called back to confirm and we chatted for a while. Great follow thru and you can tell he loves his job. I hope he will be there too, I would love to meet him.

          2. My wife and have been put off regularly by the too big helpings of food at most restaurants. If we order entrees we end up taking half of them home. We've started ordering two appetizers, which is enough food for us at a sitting.

            Do you ever wonder why we are the nation that leads the world in obesity? Could it be that we eat too much?

            The portions at Guilia are the right size if you want to have a full meal, which is greatly to be preferred over a doggie bag or having to choose from the appetizer menu.

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              now r, i am only asking one small favor. And you would be doing the world one BIG service too. Could you just please work on getting your condition to be contagious? And then, please, come right over for a cup of tea. :-}

            2. My husband and I went there on Friday night at 9, w/ no reservations. The hostess could not have been nicer and sat us at two seats which opened up at the bar (wait time was about 5 minutes).

              We ordered delicious cocktails and the crudite of the day - chicken liver pate to start. We split the escarole salad, I had the salmon and white wine, he had the halibut and red wine and we shared the pistachio ice cream. Everything was delicious - I did not want the meal to end!

              But service and ambience is what really sets this place apart. Everyone is so professional and kind and seem to have a low-key warmth.

              There seemed to be no turnover at the restaurant - people at tables seemed to have them for the night. This unhurried pace was like a mini trip back to Europe!