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Apr 16, 2013 07:01 AM

3 days in Miami

So - this will be broad....I am traveling to Miami for the first time on business. We have 2.5 days to relax....I land tomorrow at 11am....and leave on Friday at 6pm.
What are the recommendations for 30-something-business-types that are coming in from Minneapolis. A quick search pulled up Joes Stone Crab (maybe for lunch)....but, honestly have no clue what is worth our time....what are a handful of recommended restaurants for visitors. There's not enough time for Bouley-style fine-dining, but looking for more casual-can't-miss places.
We land at MIA, are staying at the Westin Hollywood and have a car to get around.Thanks!

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  1. Joe's is a landmark dining institution here in South Florida.....lunch or dinner....And a restaurant of its caliber would be worth your time.....Michael's Genuine and Michy's are both well-regarded spots.....that would be worth your time.....Versailles for Cuban food....a vibrant place with very good cuban food.....would be worth your time.....Pubbelly....Prime 112....Casa Tua....Sardinia....all worth your time.....And many, many more....

    Not so sure about the choices around the Westin Hollywood though....


    1. If you are going to be in S. Beach during your trip, then by all means hit Joe's, but if by "Westin Hollywood", you mean the Westin Diplomat, then I would not bother with Joe's. It is somewhat pretentious and quite frankly, if you are in Hollywood you are less than a mile from a place called Billy's. It doesn't have the cache of Joe's, but personally I find the Stone Crab to be of comparable quality to Joe's for a better price and with much better service and a friendlier "vibe" from both the staff and other patrons. Unfortunately, from my experience, the location around your hotel is otherwise a bit of a culinary wasteland. There are a few interesting places down around Aventura and in Ft Lauderdale proper...also maybe hit Le Tub near the FLL airport for a burger if you are in the mood.

      1. I've eaten stone crabs at Billy's....and had a very good overall experience....But to say the service is "better" at Billys.....I would vehemently and politely disagree....Joe's is a 5-star dining experience.....The crabs (for whatever reason) taste the best there....and the service is unparalleled....You drop a fork and you'll have 3 replacements before the fork hits the floor....Stuffy? Yes.....Pretentious? Yes.....It's THE landmark dining establishment in South Florida....And you get everything you pay for.....

        Again...I've eaten at Billy's....and had a very good experience and would go there again....But Joe's Stone Crab is an institution that people can throw rocks at...and they bounce

        Ft. Pierce, Fl

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          I like Joe's much more than Billy's.