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Jan 7, 2002 09:32 AM

Austin area hound get together

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I just wanted to give a final reminder about the Wednesday night (Jan. 9) get together at Curra's on Burnet Road. I've made a reservation for 7 pm. Could everyone please confirm so I can adjust the reservation if needed?

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    1. I just discovered chowhound from reading Sauveur in Borders books this evening... I'm elated to find another venue (in addition to Austin360 and the Yahoo club) to chat food!!

      Hopefully I can make it to the next Austin Chowhound get together.

      I do have one question... from the look of the threads practically all of the Austin Chowhounds are guys... not that guys are bad but where are the Austin women chowhounds (besides me)?

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      1. re: starflyer

        Welcome, Starflyer! I don't know why there aren't more women posters to the Texas message board. If you post regularly, maybe we'll atract more women posters. We sure would like to meet you if you can make the Wednesday get-together. Any chance you'll show?

        1. re: Greg Spence

          I made a commitment with some friends to watch an IMAX movie on Wednesday, so it really depends on which time they choose. I'd hate to say I'll be there for dinner and take the chance that they'll choose the earlier time, so the default must be a no... so sorry.

          Maybe another meal can be planned for late February?

      2. I'll be there with my sig. o. 2 total.

        1. d
          David "Zeb" Cook

          Made it back to town okay, so I guess we'll be there.


          David Cook

          1. Greg,

            Sorry to say but work will keep me and my mates from joining in the fun and food tomorrow. I hope someone from the group will post a message after the feast and tease those of us who will have to experience Curra's another day.