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Apr 16, 2013 06:50 AM

Cafe Alba......

newly opened in Scotch Pllains and based on my first visit, it will be newly closed.....started off with "caesar" salad....they presented a STALK of romaine lettuce with a non descript dressing on top ....does one chop up the stalk or eat it like a carrot ?....I decided to go the carrot route with all the dressing falling was the pasta fagiole, (fazool)...entirely tasteless, and I love that type soup.....but the worst was the entree...linguine with clam sauce red....had eight clams, all SPIT OUT !!!.....tough, chewy and totally inedible !!....never in eating in Italian restaurant for many years had I had as bad an experience as there....there in a location that has a history of failed restaurants....this one will join them !!

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