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Apr 16, 2013 06:49 AM

Any Worthwhile Restaurants in Brampton?

Ok, I'll get right to the point. Are there ANY worthwhile restaurants in Brampton or the immediate surrounding area?

All we seem to have are dozens of chains (Jack Astors, Casey's, kelsey's etc), and while they're "alright", they're all the same.

I know of Sonny's (pretty good, but overrated, especially if you haven't been drinking. lol), and Rapini's, but are there any other places worth going to? Any hidden hole in the walls? Or anywhere else you would recommend? Ideally in Brampton, I'd be open to locations in northern-Mississaga, Woodbridge, maybe as far as Georgetown.

While I'm not a HUGE fan of Indian, I'd be willing to entertain the recommendation for any options.

And...GO! :)

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  1. Sure there are probably a bunch of threads on this already, but, I will throw out a hole in the wall spot that I have tried and enjoyed.

    RDs BBQ:

    I haven't been in like 2 years or so but enjoyed it when I had it.

    1. My 2 favourite GTA West Japanese restaurants are in Brampton. I like Sushi House in downtown Brampton. It's a nice atmosphere that is run by really great Korean family. It's actually a Korean/Japanese restaurant. The food is plentiful and well prepared. It's not revolutionary but the warm service keeps me coming back. The prices are also very good.

      The other is Toshi sushi. It's more expensive than Sushi House and it's more modern in terms of cooking style. Great quality of food. I've only had take out many times only. So I cannot comment on the restaurant service but it seems packed so it must be pretty decent.

      What do you consider North Mississauga? Anything above Eglinton? There are some gems there.

      1. Our usual lunch spots in or near Brampton:

        Saigon House (2 locations) -- good Vietnamese
        Kingsley Chinese -- ok but not great dim sum
        MINT Indian Bistro
        Molly's Hot Shoppe -- roti
        Portland Jerk -- best jerk pork, takeout only
        Switzer's Deli
        Asian Garden -- Chinese
        The Pie Guys -- meat pies
        Pita Grill House -- shawarma, falafel

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        1. La Campannina on George Street in downtown Brampton is very worthwhile and reasonably priced. Reservations are necessary on weekends. Their seafood is particularly well cooked.

          Mondello in Streetsville has recently become my current local favourite and you will likely need a reservation there too.