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Apr 16, 2013 06:45 AM

Family-friendly dinner - Harrisburg/Hershey

A group of seven families (13 adults, 7 four-year-olds, 2 two-year-olds, 3 one-year-olds) are going to Hershey this summer. We're staying in Harrisburg. Lunch will be at the park each day, but we'll have three dinners to consider.

Any suggestions for kid-friendly, on-the-quicker-side places that may be able to accommodate such a large group (we're likely fine to split up into separate tables).

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  1. Red Robin is the easiest place I can think of for a casual meal for a large group. Yes it is a chain, but I find it to be very successful in handling large groups of kids. It is located in the area of the Outlet Mall very close to the park. They even have a room, and I would think you could call ahead to see if you can reserve that for a set time.

    Another great family friendly restaurant is Isaac's Deli. It is a regional chain, and some of them have a separate space for large groups. At this moment, I cannot recall if this is true of the Hershey/Hummelstown location. Again, with such a large group, I think calling ahead is a must if you all hope to sit together.

    Fenicci's is another one that I have been to with a large group, and my son's hockey team recently descended upon Piazza Sorrento for an end of season celebration. Here are some links:

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      We have been to Fenicci's and Piazza Sorrento and they are both family friendly and the food is good. During the summer, the places right around Hershey get very crowded so, as you already know, be sure to plan ahead.

    2. When we go to Hershey, we stay at a hotel right across the road from Fabio's. It isn't that far from the park.

      It's Italian food (including pizza) that should please everyone and they should be able to accommodate your group easily.

      1. Where in Harrisburg are you staying? And where are you coming from?

        I don't know Hershey as well, but in Harrisburg, I might suggest Momo's BBQ. As long as you go a little bit earlier, you should not have a problem having kids there. Their booths are very deep and they have high chairs and the quality of food is very good. My 2 year old loves the applesauce and beans there and we think it's the best bbq around.

        Pita Pit on 2nd street is counter service/take out, but good for quick, cheap food that is relatively healthy.

        Most of the better food places that I'd recommend in the area are in small spaces where I think your group wouldn't feel as comfortable.

        1. there is a thread on here about new to Harrisburg..check that out
          Not sure of the exact name....I think it's Capitol Diner...just off exit 2 of 283...we've always been pleased there

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            Good recommendation and on the way home from Hershey to Harrisburg. Very straightforward diner food, but a decent quality.