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Apr 16, 2013 06:30 AM

Inexpensive, delicious and not melty fundraiser treats to make in advance

OK, here's a weird one. I would like to make some treats a few weeks in advance to sell at a fundraiser. The fundraiser will be outdoors and it might get hot so, ideally, it would be good if the treats were not the kind that wilted under intense heat. Also, since the point is to raise money, it would be good if they were relatively inexpensive to make. Sweet, savory, beverage, whatever, I'm open to all kinds of ideas.

Any ideas? Tried and true recipes very welcome. And, oh, how much would you pay for a serving of said treat, whatever it may be?


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  1. Meringue Puffs? Could be sweet or savory, and you can adjust the size a bit.

    As it's a fundraiser [and people will accept high pricing] maybe:
    in Paper hot dog "trays" 4/$2?
    in Cute [yet cheap] boxes and do 8/$5?

    1. I just made a batch of candied peanuts (you could use almonds, pecans, or other nuts too) from this David Lebovitz recipe:

      Here is a nuts and pretzels mix:

      The peanut recipe was very easy, very good, and is quite cheap. There are flavor variations suggested or you could come up with your own. Will stand up to hot or cold days. Another advantage is that they are egg free.

      You could google for other recipes and flavors (e.g. chile-lime peanuts, masala cashewnuts/peanuts, etc. etc.)

      You could get creative with the packaging, and sell them in the $ 5.00 range.

      1. flapjacks are always a winner and are very easy and cheap to make in bulk - and are unaffected by all but the most boiling weather. My family's favourite have ginger in to make them more interesting; raisins and/or coconut and/or cherries make good additions. They have the bonus of being easy to eat whilst walking around.

        You could also make cheese straws (I cheat and use bought puff pastry which makes them very quick to do). Tied together with some raffia in, say, threes would be attractive.

        How about traditional butter shortbread too?

        Home-made lemonade is easy to do as a beverage, which people always think is impressive and a nice change from shop-bought fizzy; lots of lemons and bags of sugar is not expensive and you could ladle it on the spot into paper cups and add a colourful straw.

        1. Caramel corn sold in cellophane bags. The Karo recipe (using real butter and vanilla) is great and inexpensive. I add peanuts and sometimes a small prize for that Cracker Jack effect.

          1. Sugar cookies mixed with either M&M, Reese's Pieces or Boston baked beans?

            Cheap, simple to make and delicious to eat.

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              Yes!! Sugar cookies mixed with Boston baked beans were my favorite as a kid!

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                Everyone loves these, and you can make them a little larger and charge a little more.