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Apr 16, 2013 05:18 AM

Hibiscus Margaritas

I have been making hibiscus tea and margaritas for many many years (my grandma had a hibiscus bush in her yard back in the 80s. I am now seeing it every where can someone tell me what happened that it has become popular?

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  1. Easier availability, Starbucks started selling the hibiscus tea. SB's Iced Passion Tea infused by the TAZO blend is a popular seller.

    1. A hibiscus beverage called agua de jamaica has long been popular in Mexico. The dried hibiscus, called flor de jamaica, is available in many latin markets, either packaged or loose stock. If I remember correctly, the Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger tea was hibiscus.
      I'm a purist with margaritas, but I have been known to put a shot of cuban rum in my agua de jamaica.

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        I've been drinking Red Zinger since the 70's..

        I make Hibiscus sun tea and it is delicious..get the dried flowers from the Mex markets.
        Love Hibiscus margs too..

        It's popular here in San Diego for decades and the Aqua de Jamaica is a lovely drink they serve in the taco shops.

          1. re: Beach Chick

            Yes! sun tea thats how we made it when we were kids. I live on the east coast now and never think to make as the weather here is sometimes blah.

            I was just reminiscing the other day about my grandmas hibiscus sun tea, and wondered why I never make sun tea in the summer time any more.

            Thanks for bringing back that memory

            1. re: l0b0SKI

              First of all, I want to send my prayers and hugs to your wonderful city.

              Get those dried flowers and fill that glass jar up with good water and let sit in the sun..I have also used Red Zinger too..
              I love Iced tea and there is something about sun tea that is so damn good and refreshing!



          Do you think the sheer volume of brands carrying some form of hibiscus or hibiscus blend has made a difference?

          The last time I had hibiscus tea was in a Mexican restaurant in New Hope, PA and the flower buds were steeping inside a large pitcher on the dining area counter with a sign: serve yourself. First time I ever saw that! (the food was disappointing but the tea was wonderful!)

          1. We are Mexican-American from CA and AZ. I moved to Boston about 20 years ago and now seeing it a lot here on the east coast.

            I guess my real question is how certain food trends happen? ie: there was a big bacon trend for a while and now it looks like sriracha is in almost everything.

            I noticed when I worked at a store somedays every person would come asking for the same thing and when I asked why, they would answer: oh Oprah did a show on it, or it was in a magazine etc.

            1. I think it started with a few new "cutting edge" media blitzes about the health benefits of hibiscus. Then the recipes on how to use it started up.