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Apr 16, 2013 03:43 AM

Looking for Kashmiri / Noon / Sheer Chai (Pink Tea) in London

Hi all,

I'm looking for a place, any place, to try Kashmiri chai in London (a/k/a Noon Chai, Sheer Chai or pink tea). It sounds like something I'd love... see here:

There was a place called Chaiwala's in Goswell Road, and their website is still up, but I went by yesterday and it's been replaced with a bagel shop. Any tips appreciated!

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  1. I know of a place in Luton, but let me look around closer to home (East London.)

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    1. re: JFores

      Thanks, JFores! East London would be brilliant.

      1. re: JFores

        Would love to know the Luton place, JFores, I'm there reasonably regularly.

        1. re: Kavey

          There's an outdoor stall that does it on the high street in Bury Park. I'd have to ask my friend for an exact cross street or address.

      2. Have a look where Chai Fusions are popping up next - had the pink chai at the Southbank's Alchemy festival...

        Here's a pic:

        They're on Twitter @chaifusions and the website is

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        1. re: TheSpiceScribe

          Oh thanks Z, didn't know you were here on Chowhound too! :-)

          1. re: Kavey

            Only ever hovered but Yasmin of Love Desh recommended I connect with JFores as a felloe Indian food fanatic - and I remembered seeing all his fab East Ham recos ages back and thought I should sign up formally!

            1. re: TheSpiceScribe

              He's the only other person I've encountered who shares YOUR level of both knowledge and fanaticism! I hope you can meet up over some Asian deliciousness!

              1. re: Kavey

                So do I... and if we do you will come too! : )

          2. re: TheSpiceScribe

            That's great, thanks! Hope they pop up in London again soon.