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Apr 16, 2013 03:33 AM

A question about Paques

Took a look at Yamt'cha website, translated message there and it seems they are closed several weeks from end of April to 13/5 including. Did i get it right ? Was not aware that places might be close for that period, should i expect it to be common for places in the city for this period ?

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  1. Weird, Pâques (Easter) was a couple of weeks ago!

    Yep, closed for 2 weeks at the end of April, from the 28th to may 13.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Maybe oferi is planning for April/May 2014...? Easter will be late (April 20) with Easter Monday on the 21st (duh); May 2014 holidays will be Labor Day on the 1st, VE Day on the 8th, Ascension Day on the 29th...which might affect other restaurants' operation on those days. Don't know if this is the point of oferi's inquiry...

      1. re: boredough

        Oh no, for sure its for this year, and in Yamt'cha's website it reffers to 2013 and titled "conges de Pasques", and that is why i was confused.. For sure easter was already, but i guess it is much better to take vacation off a bit later at May..

      2. re: Maximilien

        Ye, i thought that maybe there is some religion, which followers are probably French chefs with Chinese inspirtaion, that celebrates easter a month or so later :-)
        I thought to pick the place for our first day, we arrive early noon and after setting up at apartment and probably doing some muscles release walk around marais+maybe coffee and "snacks" at Genins, eating later dinner around 1 arr so we might do a night monuments walk in area of outer louvre, ponts des arts etc.. Anyway was hesitating about Yamt'cha cause dinner price is high and i think that i would preffer to leave higher range budget to other places in list, nomicos, CLJ, Sola.. I could pick Kei if i really want highend and stay that area, but fixed there is also 100, not budget friendly..
        Not sure now if to try Le Taxi Juane that sounds interestings and continue from 3 arr to 1, or maybe pick a place in 1 like Au Gourmand that i'm familiar with and was pretty good and consistent in the past, may have also fix for dinner which is budget friendly.. Or maybe Pirouette that i haven't tried and looks good.. But i thought going there for lunch during Louvre day.. Anyways, will be glad to get other ideas that might be great for exit point to do a night stroll in 1 area, prefferebly with good fixed courses options, around up to 40-50 area per person including a glass of wine..

        1. re: oferl

          You should call and email them just to clarify that (re. easter).