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Apr 16, 2013 12:24 AM


We always buy carrots from the Farmer's Market and it come with its beautiful green tops. Such a pity to throw it away. Is there any way of cooking carrot tops?

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    1. Aside from salads and stir fry we use carrot tops in small flower arrangements.

      1. They make anything with carrots in them more carroty.

        1. You may have to Google a bit, but I've seen a Japanese Zen cookbook (written by a Japanese woman) that made a salad out of these - she blanched and rinsed them repeatedly to leach out a compound that made them unpleasant to eat in quantity. High effort for a small output but it does avoid waste!

          1. Plant them and make more carrots.

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              Wow -- I always thought carrots grow from seeds... will try and see what happens. thanks.

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                I think they do too but u can cut the tops off with some of the orange part and bury them with the tops coming out. There's more detailed instructions you can find. As long as creatures don't destroy them it will be a fun harvest in a couple months.

              2. re: youareabunny

                No, they won't grow more carrots--they WILL grow, but carrots are biennial, and that second years growth will turn into a flower (think Queen Anne's lace) and make seed.

                It is fun to watch the ferny foliage appear, however.

                Celery and romaine bottoms will, however, create more celery and romaine. But for carrots, sow seed.