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Apr 15, 2013 08:43 PM

Downtown Eats for Saturday night

Can't get into Bachelor Farmer or Bar La Grassa (and will assume we can't get into 112 Eatery). So, is there anything new downtown? If nothing new, what would be your tried and true recommendation? Warehouse and Nordeast would be considered.

We ate a Vincent on our last downtown dinner and Butcher and the Boar and Solera before that. Type of food and price aren't an issue (although cheaper is better but awesome food trumps all).

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  1. I really enjoyed my meal at Borough a few months ago (and my cocktails/munchies at the Parlour bar downstairs a few weeks ago). It is a place where you could spend a little or a lot depending on what you order. We did shared a number of small/medium plates and it was fun to try a bunch of dishes among our group of 4.

    Saffron is another good choice for the downtown vicinity (not new, but quite delicious the last time I was there and is reasonably priced for the quality).

    1. I have had some good meals at Sapor Cafe.

      1. Borough, Smack Shack or Cafe Maude for new. Saffron, Sea Change, or Butcher Block for tried and true.

        1. I just had lunch at Cafe Maude and moved it straight to the top of my list for cocktails and dinner.
          OT and FWIW, possibly the best and most perfect fries I've ever had.

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            I noticed Cafe Maude has 2 locations. Is one any better than the other?

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              This was the loring location. Havent been to the other one.

          2. The two places I've heard the most about are Borough, Sea Change, and surprisingly, Sanctuary. You can find a ton of posts here about Borough because it's hip and trendy so I won't bore you with that. Sea Change because chef Malone was named to Food/Wines Best Rising Chefs list. You'll be happy at both.

            But a lot of people I know and trust have been talking about Sanctuary and Patrick Atanalian's cooking. His duck breast w/belgian waffle and bacon marmalade is to die for, a grown up play on chicken and waffles. They usually have a tasting menu available too and it's fairly affordable. I'd strongly consider it.

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              I'd put Sanctuary in the underrated but recommended category, too.