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Apr 15, 2013 07:42 PM

Patisserie Phillippe treats at Nespresso Cafe [San Francisco]

I was on my way home from Union Square and looking for a place to grab coffee when I noticed the elegant Nespresso Cafe on Post near Grant. Yes, it's dedicated to fancy color-coded pod drinks and owned by Nestle. But coffee in Switzerland is always very good.

Anyway, they have a great case of pastries including caramel budino and petit fours and macarons, and elegant seating and a hypnotic video of coffee brewing porn.

So I tried an espresso made with Antigua (a 9 on a scale of 10) with a pistachio macaron.They have a kitchen and offer lunch including quiches. Ham and cheese croissant was recommended. This is when I learned Phillippe was making the baked goods.

It was good. $4 for a single shot made by pushing a button good? Hard to say. But for a sunny Union Square break on a windy day, absolutely. And the spoons are cool.

Service is very friendly. Everyone insisted I go down to the basement where the store is oddly housed. I got a demo of a Pixie and a complimentary shot, this time of their seasonal Trieste. I liked it a bit more than the Antigua.

I'd definitely stop in again at the cafe. Still trying to decide if I'm ready to give up my complicated brewing routine.

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  1. Nespresso stores are notoriously pricey considering you're basically paying for a showroom demo, but finding Patisserie Phillippe treats somewhere convenient is a really good tip. Thanks!

    1. Since Patisserie Phillippe is now closed, that is a great tip. I have been so missing his pear frangipane and palmiers. According to his website, his pastries are available at 6 other venues including Coffee Bars on Montgomery and Bryant and Mirtille on McAllister.

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        Yes, they have small versions of the palmiers. Not cheap--they're priced for eating there rather than takeaway.

        1. re: Windy

          Do you know the Coffee Bar or Mirtille? Would they be more for takeout? Mirtille is on McAllister near the foot of Leavenworth. The Coffee Bar on Bryant is not that far from the original Patisserie Phillippe cafe.

          1. re: chocolatetartguy

            Sure, I know where Coffee Bar is, on Mariposa and Florida. It's not that close to 7th and Townsend, though I guess it's probably only a mile away. I tend to go to Heath for Blue Bottle when I'm around there.

            Will definitely check out Mirtille next time I'm that way too. Thanks!