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Apr 15, 2013 06:01 PM

need a good Italian restaurant for a pre-wedding dinner party (belmar area)

My son is getting married on JUne 15 and I am looking for a nice place to have a family dinner the night before. Maybe about 30 people or so. A private room would be great and we LOVE really good food. We can bring our own wine or buy from the restaurant, it doesnt' matter. Thanks for any recommendations

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  1. First off, Congratulations. I would recommend Giamano's Ristorante in nearby Bradley Beach. They have a sizable 2nd floor for parties such as yours and the food is quite good.

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      Thank you for your recommendation, and your best wishes. I will check it out!

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Try Stella Marina in Asbury Park.

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          Good rec. That upstairs, private room is one I would certainly love to have a party in.

          Another thought to the OP would be UVA in Bradley Beach. If I recall correctly, they have a nice upstairs (like Giamano's, at which I have only dined once long ago and therefore offer no comparison) for private parties. I should note that both UVA and Stella have full liquor licenses.

        2. Haven't been in about a year or so, but last meals at Nicchio in Belmar were very good. Check for more recent reviews....

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            Thank you! I will check all of them out! So appreciate your help.