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Apr 15, 2013 05:04 PM

Sonoma lunch at winery w/Vegetarian options

Hi there-
I'm trying to steer my parents and their 4 friends in the right direction for their trip to Sonoma--I could use your recs to pass on to them. They'll be in Sonoma for one day and are looking for a great winery that also offers a delicious lunch. Half of them are vegetarian. Thank you for any and all recs!!

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  1. I would suggest a picnic at one of the wineries. You can check via the web to see which winery has picnic facilities, ie tables.

    The Oakville Grocery in St Helena has many lovely picnic choices.

    Buy some wine from your chosen winery and enjoy!

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      1. re: gougeres

        I've been to the Oakville Grocery store and it's awesome. For this group though I'm looking for a restaurant at a winery in Sonoma if possible. Anyone???

          1. re: Lotus7

            As Robert has already mentioned, wineries with restaurants are rare. I can think of a only one and I can't recommend it (Coppola in Geyserville). Some wineries sell pre-packaged deli items like cheese and sandwiches to have with wine, but it's not restaurant food.

            Your options are
            --lunch in a regular restaurant, you purchase a bottle of wine
            --gourmet picnic at a winery that allow picnics: You purchase the gourmet food offsite at a good grocery, like Sonoma Market with their excellent deli section; and also purchase a bottle of wine at the winery
            --wine with deli foods (things like cheese and sandwiches) at one of several wineries
            --travel to northern Sonoma county to Geyserville and visit Coppola's full-service restaurant (can't recommend for either food or wine)

            Your parents' location choice within the huge expanse of Sonoma County will narrow your options further. So, where in Sonoma County? The city of Sonoma?
            Russian River? Healdsburg? Santa Rosa?

            1. re: maria lorraine

              I will tack on my question here instead of starting a new thread. A week from this Sunday four of us will be driving up from San Francisco to Hog Island Oyster (first to arrive at 11am hopefully!) and then on over to RRV via route 1 and Bodega Hwy, with our first stop possibly being Lynmar. Is there anyplace recommended to pick up lunch? I would rather not go into Santa Rosa as we'll only have about 4 hours to visit wineries. I would prefer it was something fast but delicious of course. Like sandwiches to go? In Sebastopol?

              1. re: JazzyK

                The Whole Foods in Sebastopol is good.
                Right around the corner from WF is Larry Vito's excellent BBQ Smokehouse, at which you can get anything to go (and which has been the source of quality takeout lunches on my wine-tasting jaunts on occasion).
                The Willowood Market Cafe in Graton is good and less than 5 minutes from Lynmar. I love their homey dishes that are full of flavor. That's what I'd do. Visit the website and call ahead to order lunch for pickup.
                You'll probably get more replies by starting a new thread, though.

                1. re: maria lorraine

                  Great! Thank you. We will most likely do one of those.

          2. re: gougeres

            Ahhh, yes. I was on the wrong side of the mountain.

            However, I do think Lotus should stick to the picnic idea. One can always go to a restaurant but a picnic in the wine country is special.

        1. Due to zoning and other legal restrictions there are only a handful of wineries with restaurants.

          1. Dear Lotus, I think the suggestions about a picnic and Sonoma Market are good ones. By the way, there is a sister store to Sonoma Market in Glen Ellen. So, your folks can pickup a nice bottle, then food at either Sonoma Market or the Glen Ellen Market, and picnic in Jack London Sate Park in Glen Ellen. They will not be disappointed in the park, as it's an interesting place, as he was an interesting man.

            1. As others have said, there are very few restaurants connected to wineries. But just remembered one, Corks in Russian River Valley. Haven't eaten there so can't offer a recommendation.