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Apr 15, 2013 04:20 PM

What's cheaper: u-pick fruits or wholesale fruits?

Hey guys!

Fruit season is coming up fast in LA. I was wondering if anyone had some advice for a home vintner who's trying to secure a very large amount of fruits at a reasonable rate.

If I'm trying to get a large order of fruits (i.e. 30 lbs), is it cheaper to go to a farm that will let you pick them yourself or one of the vendors at the Wholesale Produce Market?

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  1. wholesale by a mile.

    1. Yes, definitely wholesale. You pay a premium for picking yourself, it's for people who want to take their kids for fun (I do this), you're not getting a discount. You also don't get the best fruit.

      1. Great question! Where would one find wholesale fruits?

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        1. What sort of fruit are you looking for? I understand you are making wine; what type of wine?

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            Hey ebethsdad,

            Right now, I'd debating whether to do a cherry or a blackberry wine. I think it'll basically come down to which fruit is least pricey/more available in the next month or so.

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              This may be helpful in determining when it will be cheapest and best,
              Besides the wholesale markets, which I am not familiar with, many retail outlets will offer case discounts, particularly if you order ahead. The Farm Boy, a lovely Korean produce market in Sherman Oaks, often puts blackberries on special as a loss leader. If you speak with them I am sure you could get a deal. Costco will also give case discounts on occasion. Best of luck.

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                One last thing, this place
                is pretty wonderful. Helpful people and good contacts as well as great stuff.