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Fabulous news! You can support Dinning Out For Life in Philadelphia and eat KOSHER!

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For the first time to my knowledge TWO places that are Kosher are on the list of participants for Philadelphia's version of Dinning Out for LIfe:) http://www.diningoutforlife.com/ I had seen one on the list(Singapore Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant http://www.singaporevegetarian.com/ and where I had a fabulous lunch just today- New Harmony http://www.yelp.com/biz/new-harmony-v... also saw they will be participating! This leads to a yummy delema- ok my husband and I both LOVE New Harmony and especially the all you can eat dim sum, but today I had a super yummy vegan Beef and Brocolli- which would be a fabulous choice that night. Oh I wish all my problems in life were so dramatic! The beef and broccoli was full of yummy cubes of "beef" in a flavorful sauce and amazing broccolli- super flavorful and crunchy.
I did do take out for dinner tonight (sesame beef and a mixed veggie dish which rocks and Pork buns (yes I wrote PORK but remember this is not only a Kosher but also VEGAN place- so it;'s fin e that it is sitting in my fridge:) ) and for dessert- fried bananas:) Oh yum- sorry people but I only bought enough for me ad the husband. BUT you can try all these super yummy items AND do a miztvah if you order them on Thursday night April 25!
Maybe I'll see you at New Harmony!

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