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Apr 15, 2013 03:24 PM


On the way this weekend from RDU to VIR (Alton, NC). Got any recommndations?

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  1. It might help if you gave some more information. Are you looking for casual lunch along a certain roadway, or bbq, or, well, what?

    1. I agree with Terrie that your post is unclear. If by RDU, you mean the airport, you could go west on I-40 and hit Allen and Son BBQ, then continue up old 86 to Hillsborough, pick up Hwy. 86 and on up to VIR. Of course, you could also eat anywhere in Durham, you can search the many existing threads for lots of recs.

      1. Ya, I'm with the other posters. Your best bet is to eat in the Raleigh/Durham area before heading up. The area around VIR is pretty much a food wasteland. The track food is actually not too bad and the restaurant (Oak Tree) is decent too in a lovely restored home. Dinner only though (make a rez). It's 30 minutes to Danville and there's really nothing there either (we used to stay in Danville). Honestly, since they opened the lodging and restaurant at VIR, we never leave the track any more.

        1. Sorry for any ambiguity. Yes, RDU is the Raleigh area airport. And I am looking for good chow, no prejudices, any where between RDU and VIR. The Allan & Son recommendation is appreciated, as is the VIR insight. Thanks to all.

          1. I was born and raised in Danville VA and still visit from time to time. Jake's On Main and Joe and Mimma's Italian are two reasonable alternatives to what is mostly a chain food wasteland. Short Sugar's is a small BBQ chain that wasn't too shabby but think it's under new mgt. Checkered Pig is a new BBQ place but I never tried it.

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              We did like Joe and Mima's when we used to stay in Danville (now we stay at the track). Nice little Italian place. Nothing fancy, but good reliable fresh Italian. There is always a wait on the weekends though, so just be aware.

              To the OP, where are you staying? If you are staying in Danville, I would definitely check out Joe & Mima's, but if you're staying at the track, there is nothing outside of the track really worth driving 30 mins for. Just my opinion. If there is, we haven't found it! LOL