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Apr 15, 2013 02:46 PM

Bar Food Philadelphia

Where can I find a place with good bar food

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  1. There's lots of good bar food in Philly of all types--Standard Tap, Khyber, Dandelion, Monk's--to name a few.

    I'd suggest you'll get a lot more responses if you post on the Philadelphia board

    Also, let the folks there know more about what you're looking for in bar food (price, atmosphere, general area in the city, etc.).

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    1. Thank you for your suggestions. Any recommendations for South Philly Tap Room

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        SPTR and the Khyber are my two favorite gastropubs in the city. SPTR has better food, Khyber has a more interesting beer list. Dandelion is very good too.

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          I tend to eat in bars more than restaurants - we have some really, really good ones.

          SPTR & Khyber, as mentioned, are definitely two favorites. Off the top of my head, a few others: Kraftwork & Memphis Taproom (Fishtown) or Sidecar, Resurrection, and Grace Tavern (Graduate Hospital-ish).

          There are many, though!

        2. I 2nd Buckethead's recommendations. The Industry is quite good too, a little outside Center City but probably closer that SPTR, and parking is generally not a problem.

          1. Monk's and Eulogy when I'm in town.

            1. SPTR to me is #1 with Memphis Taproom being a close 2nd. This upcoming Tuesday a bar called Strangelove's is opening up in the city which I expect it to be in the top category in no time. Might be worth checking out before it gets too popular.