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Apr 15, 2013 01:49 PM

Restaurant Recommendations - Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood

Hi all!

We're traveling to Fort Lauderdale at the end of April, and I'm looking for some great dinner recommendations. We LOVE Mexican (traditional, not eclectic), Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern and Asian food. When we travel, we try to go to the nicest restaurants we can. In Miami, for instance, our fave places to go are Michael's Genuine Food, Bice, Barton G and Prime 112. We know that one night we're going to Il Mulino, which we love, but we're unsure about the rest. How are Dos Caminos and Greek Islands Taverna? Any other ideas? What about any near the water? Also, I should note that we'll have our 7 month old with us, so ideas for places that would be comfortable for him are great, too.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. We were actually quite surprised to find that Dos Caminos was very good! The atmosphere leaves something ot be desired but the food was well prepared, seasoned perfectly and very tasty. I's basically a hotel bar so might be a tad noisy for your 7 month old. As for the Greek - there is a new, very cool Greek restaurant kitty corner to The Greek Islands at the corner of Oakland Park Blvd. and A1A - Thasos Greek Taverna. Food is excellent and the place is quite beautiful - not your typical Greek decor.

    1. Dos Caminos is probably the 8th best Mexican in Fort Lauderdale. It's located in a bad hotel in a part of town where there isn't much going on. The bar is sort of in the corner of the lobby. For Mexican you want to go to Rocco's Tacos. It's on the strip and everything about it is better than Dos Caminos. Nice bar, better food, better scene.

      Hollywood is a wasteland for dining; Italian food in south florida is pretty disappointing from head to toe; but if you "love" Il Mulino then you probably don't have very high standards.

      Greek Taverna is fine; if you're looking for something a bit more snooty look at Thasos across the street.