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Apr 15, 2013 01:28 PM

Ice Cream Cake or Cake with Ice Cream on the side?

I've suddenly got the urge to make ice cream cakes again but in this weather it wouldn't last an hour outside. I hear using dry ice can make it last for hours but all the places that sell Dry Ice are too far away meaning I'd have to buy it in bulk on the way to ever I'm going, keep it in my styrofoam cooler till I'm ready to use what's left of it.

I figure it's more accessible for me if I just make a regular cake and ice cream on the side. I bought all these ingredients but heavy cream to make blue moon ice cream. I need an excuse to buy heavy cream to use all at once. I started going through plastic bags to use for garbage when I ran across this,
"The Premium Thermal bag"
I remember seeing it before but never used it. It claims it can keep ice cream cool for hours and hours. But the thing is I don't know to put homemade ice cream inside to put inside the bag. I don't think any ice cream makers have lids that be used on the bowl itself.

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  1. I had to google "blue moon ice cream". Interesting regional flavor!

    1. Asking about preference? I'll take my vanilla ice cream on the side of an all chocolate cake. The 'black and white' dessert for me!

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        Agree, because cold temps reduce flavor in the cake (or anything). For preference, cold ice cream with a warm brownie, for temperature contrast. Maybe even hot fudge for further contrast.

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          I love a scoop of vanilla with chocolate cake, but if we're talking standard white birthday cake, I'll just take the ice cream, no cake. I don't care for the two together and I'd much rather eat ice cream than cake!

        2. On the side. I have sensitive teeth and ice cream cake always results in frozen cake as well.

          1. To me ice cream cake has no cake in it, just ice cream and maybe fudge, crushed cookies or something between layers. Actual cake when cold enough to support ice cream is just icky. Cake with a side of ice cream is ok, though most ice cream is usually better than most cake.

            1. Bring me cake with a scoop of ice cream with it and I'm perfectly happy!