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Apr 15, 2013 01:06 PM

Roast Pork question

Does anyone know if you can buy roast pork by the pound at John's Roast Pork, and if so how early? If not John's then DiNic's?

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  1. I am almost certain I have seen it available by the pound at John's. They are open for breakfast, so you could probably pick it up early if you preorder.

    Another place that sells by the pound is Esposito's Porchetta on 10th St, near Morris.

    1. Not exactly the same, but you can order the Arista from Paesano's as a catering tray. Basically you tell them how many people and they pack containers of pork, greens, cheese, bread separately. It's a good deal and comes out great. Maybe they can do pork-only if you ask.

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        I'll remember that when I have a little more time to call ahead

      2. John's sells it by the pound. Just give them a call tomorrow morning.

        1. According to the menu I picked up at John's last week, both pork and beef with gravy is $11.99/lb.

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            Esposito's has beef or pork for $10/lb with gravy. I have had both from there and they are really good.


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              I'll have to try theirs - so much pork, so little time...

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                I actually think I like their beef better than their pork.

          2. Thank you everyone! Yes, John's sells pork and beef by the pound, 11.99. Also sells the spinach ($3.00 for a quart) and provolone (I had gotten it elsewhere, so I don't know the price) Two pounds of pork came with 2 nearly full quart containers of juice/gravy. I just went at 9 am on my way to work. Made me the hit of my office luncheon ; )

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              Thanks for getting back to us.

              Glad it all worked out!