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Apr 15, 2013 12:36 PM

A week in Colorado Springs

Will be in Colorado Springs for a few days at a clinical meeting at the Broadmoor (that's the only reason we'll be staying at the Broadmoor) Was there once before (6 yrs ago) on my own. Maybe 2 or 3 meals at the BM (not the Penrose Room)--the others will be provided. So we'll have time for maybe 3 dinners, 3 or 4 lunches and 1 breakfast on our own somewhere else--staying near airport for the remaining part of trip. My DW does not like hot-n-spicy food, or anything too exotic--the Blue Star is about as unusual a place as I will be able to go to--possibly the Bristol microbrewery next door to it, for good local brews if nothing else. Tentatively have chosen the Omelette Parlor for breakfast. Both Conway's Red Top (way overrated--wouldn't go back) and El Tesoro downtown that I went to last time have closed in the interim.Would like some other non-chain suggestions for a meal or three. We are going up Pikes Peak one day, so a place in Manitou Springs afterward would be OK for one meal. A good burger place, German, Oriental (not a buffet) or good local BBQ would all be OK.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Have a car, so distance is not a problem (no, not Denver) Thanx.

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  1. Guess there aren't any Chowhounds in Colorado Springs. We had our first meal (again) at the Blue Star--it was terrific. Sure would be nice to visit some similar spots while we're here. Anyone ?

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      Nosh for small plates (same owner as Blue Star), Tapateria for tapas, Pizzeria Rustica for gourmet pizza, Warehouse or Craftwood for game and other interesting meals, Rabbit Hole for interesting small plates, Phantom Canyon Brew Pub, Marigold's or Margarita for a nice dinner or lunch.

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        joanne, just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation for Marigold's for lunch. My mom and I were down visiting Garden of the Gods in the morning and I wanted a good lunch place close by, so I chose Marigold's and it was excellent. Thanks again!

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          Just checked on Craftwood and it looks as though it closed earlier this month.

      2. I hit this place about once or twice a year while traveling through, very good!

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          ate there again and loved it--looked like the bear liked it,too (their dumpster)--saw the video on the internet and almost fell on the floor laughing--what a coincidence (and in a residential area, too!) Also right down the street from the Blue Star, one of my fave COS places.

          1. re: KyMikey

            The area is residential, but very close to the national forest. The creek runs right behind the restaurant and up into the forest so we see lots of deer and an occasional bear in the area. We even saw a mama and her two babies crossing Highway 115 (Nevada Avenue) to get from a greenway to the golf course. Again in an area that has green space all the way up to the mountains.

        2. Reviving this thread...

          Wife and I will be in town to visit for three days in November.

          We may have one evening (Fri or Sat) with a chance for a Chow-worthy adventure.

          Is there one don't-miss spot we should be looking at?


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          1. re: CFByrne

            It depends on what kind of meal you want. The Blue Star provides great food in a nice atmosphere with a very good wine list. If you want a smaller meal, the bar menu offers lighter options. The Margarita at Pine Creek offers a limited menu of 3 and 5 course meals at night which are wonderful food. The wine list is more limited, but the choices are good. They also have a good bar menu. Tapateria is a tapas restaurant with very good small plates. MacKenzie's does an outstanding steak. We haven't been to the Peppertree lately, but it would be worth the price just for the view.

            1. re: joannev

              We're coming from Florida. So we don't need seafood, and not particularly interested in ethnic either. Wine not a factor. Wife does not drink and I am more of a craft beer guy.

              In other words, probably something American, and locally sourced would be great. A nice room with a Colorado view would be a very big bonus.

              1. re: CFByrne

                I don't think there is anyplace in town I would recommend for seafood, especially since you are coming from Florida. Unfortunately, there are not too many places in town that have great food and a view. The Peppertree has high end steak and has windows overlooking the town. It has been here for a long time and has a good reputation. Either Blue Star or the Margarita would give you some of the best foot in town and try to locally source what they can. Another option would be Marigold's.