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Apr 15, 2013 12:06 PM

Pula - Konoba Batelina average cost?

I've read great reviews about Konoba Batelina on several websites but none of them seem mention the cost, only that it's pricey. But I don't know what pricey means by Croatian standards. I understand the menu price changes depending on what sort of seafood they have that day, but does anyone know the average price range of a meal - whether in kuna, Euro or US$ just so I can get an idea whether we can afford a splurge or not?

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  1. I have been with family to Batelina just once and we had good food on that occasion. Generally they have a good reputation but I think the overall value is not very good. You can spend €150 without wine for two people if you want to splurge there, I just feel there is better to be had elsewhere in Istria.
    If you do decide to go there, then GPS woul be most helpful, the restaurant can be hard find as it sits alongside regular homes.

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      Thanks Aishling. €150 before wine is quite a bit as we would be drinking with the meal so I am assuming it's easily €100 per person including drinks
      Do you have other recommendations in Pula? We are staying in Verudela and won't have a car so it has to be somewhere accessible by public transport or by taxi. We will be there a Saturday and a Sunday night.

    2. I am giving you the top end price for Batelina and you can spend a quite a bit less there on good food. It's the value for money factor there that bugs me a little when compared to other places in Istria.
      You could walk from Veruda to Stoja and eat at Milan, this would be a good upmarket choice in that area. If you are in Pula town check out the menu at Restaurant Amfiteatar located about 100m from the Coliseum, the food is good and you won't spend a small fortune.
      are you going anywhere else in Croatia?

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        Unfortunately we are only there for 2.5 days before we head to Venice. I wish we could stay longer but it's just not possible this trip. I've been to other places in Croatia before and loved it and the food (Dubrovnik, Lopud, Hvar, Vis, Split, Trogir)