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Apr 15, 2013 11:57 AM

Mandolin Rec

Has anyone used the Rosle adjustable slicer before? It appears to be better made than many without the rubber or germ collecting parts. The blade can also be replaced.

Thoughts? If you know of a comparable/better option I am all ears. Thanks for your thoughts and time.

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  1. I use one very similar to this... It works well - though I don't use it a ton.

    When you get it be very careful - IMHO - it's by far the most dangerous tool in the kitchen.... I have cut myself alot using it.. That said, I think it's very handy to have - make quick work of potatos or other vegs that needs uniform cuts.

    1. This is the one I ALWAYS recommend. Had mine for over 25 years and it's still going strong.

      1. I have two. One, an OXO, which I've had for a while now..and another, smaller one--a Pampered Chef mandoline. The one I use more often is the smaller one because it takes up less space..but you really, really have to be extremely careful with any mandoline you purchase--when you get to the end of a veg---or fruit you are slicing, you take great risk at cutting yourself.

        1. Have the Rosle and have had it a year or two, still made in Germany, and it's fantastic. Had one of the plastic ones and they are junk, the Rosle is very well made and easy to use and store. I highly reccommend it. Call me a Euro-snob if you will, but the fact it's one of the few pieces still made in Germany makes it more pleasureable to use for me. Oh, it doesn't come with a guard, so get a cut resistant glove to save your fingers.

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            The plastic piece of junk is also a German product and I've been using it fo 25 years. Euro-snob, indeed! Oh yeah, the Borner comes with a guard.

            1. re: grampart

              The genius of the cheapo Borner is its V-shape. I have one, and it remains wicked sharp after 15 years. Would that it had the fine depth adjustment of the $$$ models.

              All the other makers would do well to emulate the edge geometry--there is no excuse for perpendicular blades.

          2. My brother gave me a Matfer (French made) almost 20 years ago. It is solid stainless and constructed to be a kitchen heirloom. Ultra accurate julienne blades and razor sharp slicing blade to this day despite countless cleanings in the dishwasher.