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Apr 15, 2013 11:22 AM

iphone app

I saw some threads a year or so back, about CH considering an iphone app. Are we any closer?? As a bunch of people have pointed out, the mobile version of CH is klunky and an app would be awesome! Please?!

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  1. Cross-thread-posting:

    "I'm just sayin' " that any decent App would allow some of the following:

    block user
    ignore user
    block topic
    ignore topic
    promote/ +1
    simplified search
    enhanced readability
    favourite threads
    favourite posters
    close/open replies within a thread
    re-ordering based upon post date/ reply date

    And, an app SHOULD be a one time purchase.
    There's nothing within Chow or CH that fits the "purchase within app" model.

    Here's a new iPhone app thread: