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Apr 15, 2013 11:02 AM

Wife and I Invited to Per Se by my boss. We are so excited to go, but my wife does not like seafood. Would they accomadate her?

My wife and I were recently invited by my boss and his wife for dinner at Per Se in 2 weeks, as a thank you to me for helping him at the last minute to finish a daunting project

My wife and I are extremely excited to go, but the only thing is my wife hates seafood which is a decent portion of the tasting menu. She would be more than glad to eat any meat and vegetable they put in front of her. Would they make a substitution for her throughout the menu ( she eats most everything else and doesn;t want to end up having to order the vegetable tasting because of her distaste for seafood ? I know people would give their eye teeth to go to Per Se and we are very excited. I don't want to seem bothersome to the restaurant.

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  1. That would not be a problem. If the reservation is under the name of your boss, just tell him about the requested substitution of meat/veg instead of seafood so that he can advise the restaurant when they call to confirm your dinner.

    If you don't want to bother your boss about this, you can just inform the server when he or she asks about any "allergies."

    1. It would be better if you could let your boss know of this situation and with his blessing, call Per Se ahead and give the kitchen a heads up. ( rather than an impromptu request to the wait staff whilst taking your order on the day). Excluding the meat, Foie Gras and dessert courses, if my recollection serves me right, the rest ie., At LEAST Half of the Tasting Menu are Seafood!! If your wife does not want the rest to be all veggies, then I'm sure the kitchen would appreciate a bit of planning time. ( so that they can provide you with 100% customer satisfaction ).
      My two cents!!
      and ENJOY!!!!

      1. Just want to make sure.

        Your wife does not like seafood, right? As opposed to "cannot eat" seafood, right?

        If so, then I would suggest that your wife put aside her preconceived notions and biases towards seafood for at least one night.

        There is seafood, and then there is seafood prepared by Per Se.

        Even if she ends up hating the seafood at Per Se, it's only about 1/3 of her meal assuming it's the 9-course CTM (or 2-3 dishes, 4 at most). So it's not that big of a loss.

        Not trying to be snarky, in case you were wondering.

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            You have a great point!! Totally agree!!!
            IMO, Seafood prepare by any of the Michelin 3* restaurants should deserve a chance to be tried!! At least give it a first bite!!
            Besides, the 'seafood family' is huge and include crustaceans, Mollusks, roe, Echinoderms, bivalves, fishes...etc. They all have their own characteristics, taste and texture. Dislike of one category doesn't necessarily apply to the others??!! Unless OP's wife does not like the 'taste and smell' of the sea?! But then, what about 'fresh water' varietals????....

            1. re: Charles Yu

              I look at it this way.

              I'm not a fan of cheese. But if someone were to invite to me a cheese tasting or cheese course by Murray's, I'd go with an open mind and at the very least appreciate the finer points of all things fromage, even though I may not necessarily *like* everything I am tasting or trying.

            2. re: ipsedixit

              Like others have agreed, you have a great point. Per Se and French Laundry are perhaps the 2 best restaurants I've eaten at. Their seafood is on a whole nuther level. Actually , don't tell your wife it is seafood, tell her it is poultry. Tell the waiter speak softly. That's how different it will be for her

              1. re: foodwhisperer

                A husband deceiving his wife. Great advice!

            3. They have a veg tasting menu.

              1. I was just at Per Se this weekend, and from my recollection, the CTM had 3 seafood dishes. 1 fish (it was a really delicious cod), 1 lobster, and Thomas Keller's classic "oyster & pearls" (oyster and caviar) which is always the first main dish.

                All were delicious, and definitely agree that assuming your wife is not allergic, that she perhaps give all (or some) a try.

                In terms of making preferences known, if you feel uncomfortable asking your boss to make the request on your behalf, you could ask at the beginning of the meal, but it might be better to let the restaurant know beforehand so they can more carefully think through alternative dishes.

                If you already know the day/time of the reservation, you could easily give them a call yourself if you don't want to bother your boss, and just let them know about your wife's preference beforehand, and they'll be able to give the substitutions some more thought.