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Apr 15, 2013 11:01 AM

Weekend Lunches in Montreal

Hi all - looking at the board, I've found some great recommendations for dinner... APDC of course, Le Comptoir, Le Club Chasse, etc. But not a lot of conversation about lunch - and I need to be fed regularly. Where might you suggest for weekend lunches? We'll likely be in or near the Old City most of the time, and I'm gluten-free so sandwiches, pizza and, sadly, poutine are out. Things that are in: salads, many ethnic offerings (Thai, Indian, etc.). Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Poutine when made from scratch is gluten free. The only thing that would possibly have gluten would be the gravy if flour was used to thicken it, or if it was made from an industrial mix - both of which would be easy enough to verify before ordering.

    As for lunches, any smoked meat place will offer a platter (ostensibly to make your own sandwiches) where the bread will be on the side. Or can come without the bread.

    Then as to specific places for lunch: Chez Delmo, Dinette Triple Crown, Club Chasse & Peche, Laloux, Lawrence, M sur Masson, Casa Minhota, Namos, Nouveau Palais, Au Petit Extra, La Porte, Les Temps Nouveaux and Le Valois would all offer some form of gluten free food at lunch on a weekend at a variety of different prices and styles depending on your preferences.

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      Smoked meat places also all do steak and liver well. It's very easy to avoid gluten in delis.

      Or he could go to a burger joint and get it without the bun (wrapped in lettuce if there's no cutlery, I once saw a gluten-free guy do that).

    2. In and around Old Montreal, 400 Coups does lunch on Fridays, Chasse et Peche will likely do lunch again soon for the summer, Toque, Helena, Titanic, Da Emma, le Local, and Graziella have weekday lunch, la Cartet is open morning till afternoon every day and Vallier and Holder late morning till late evening. Osteria Venti and Olive and Gourmando each do lunch Tuesday-Friday.

      New lunches/brunches in the area include Gros Jambon and Magdalen, both from the same owners. Good food, though I really hesitate in recommending them as more often than not they aren't open when they list that they should be. Happened again yesterday at dinner, and nothing is more frustrating than restaurant owners who think their prospective customers' time is so worthless. If you're passing by you could check if they're open, but don't make a special trip for fear of disappointment.

      Not all of the places I've listed will be particularly gluten friendly, but I'll let you decide which of these meet your needs.

      1. Fail. After all of that I noticed that you wrote WEEKEND lunches. This is much less common in Montreal in general. In fact, I think (almost) none of the places I've listed have one. I'll leave the list for future reference (my own or other interested individuals)..

        1. You won't find much ethnic food worth bothering with in Old Montreal. If you venture a bit north of there, you're in Chinatown, with a wealth of options (Keung Kee, KanBai, Ethan, Le Cristal, etc.) Other options in Old Montreal include Olive & Gourmando (but considering it's mostly sandwiches and pastries, it could be a bit of a challenge finding gluten-free offerings), Le Gros Jambon and Holder. Club Chasse et Peche is not open for lunch until the summer.

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            the salads at O+G are excellent and meal worthy